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"I would hereby recommend Midas Touch Industries to any potential customers. The initial deep clean service to “bring it back to life” made an immediate and noticeable difference. I have been very pleased with the continuing high standards displayed by Midas Touch Industries and look forward to utilizing their services in the future." ...Read More
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Once Off Apartment Cleaning

Trust your apartment cleans perth to midas touch

If you require once off cleaning Midas Touch Industries can help you with that! Our once off cleaning service is suitable for all customers who do not require cleaning on a regular basis. We can organise our cleaners to come at a day and time that is convenient for you.

If you’re simply after a spring clean, we can provide a team of professionals to get the job done properly. On each of our cleanings, the following is completed to our high standards:

Once Off Cleaning Checklist:
about our cleaning servicesAll rubbish bins to be emptied, wiped down if there are any spillages and removed to collection point
about our cleaning servicesRemove cobwebs from all internal and external cleaning areas
about our cleaning services Damp wipe all cleared surfaces to remove coffee rings and spillages
about our cleaning servicesSanitise tables and chairs and remove all stains
about our cleaning servicesClean, mop and disinfect the kitchen
about our cleaning servicesClean kitchen stovetop, wipe down microwave, clean coffee machine
about our cleaning servicesDishes, cutlery and cups washed
about our cleaning servicesDusting all surfaces
about our cleaning servicesDust skirting boards, windowsills, doors and window track
about our cleaning servicesRemove finger marks of architraves, doors and light switches
about our cleaning servicesVacuum all carpet area, hard surface floors
about our cleaning servicesMop all hard surface floors
about our cleaning servicesBathroom, Shower and Toilets cleaned and sanitised
about our cleaning servicesTea-towels and bath towels washed
about our cleaning servicesRemoval of soap scum on shower doors
about our cleaning servicesLaundry benches, sink and cupboards cleaned and sanitised
about our cleaning servicesBeds stripped, linen washed and remade
about our cleaning servicesSweep and mop all external areas – Balcony/Patio etc
about our cleaning servicesVacuum all upholstered furniture
about our cleaning servicesDust and wipe down all ceiling and exhaust fans inc. air-condition ducts
about our cleaning servicesDryer & Washing machine wiped down, Filter cleaned
about our cleaning servicesClean out and wipe down fridge both internal and external
about our cleaning servicesDrawers and cupboards dusted and wiped down
about our cleaning servicesGeneral tidy up – Air freshen and Deodorise