Who's Watching Over Your Home?
More than 500 Western Australian homes are burgled weekly according to recent figures from the WA Police. There is a clear rise in the frequency of burglaries during the time when people take long holidays or trips. Let us provide you with the peace of mind knowing that while you’re away we are watching your property as if it was our own!
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Home Watch Services

Giving your home a lived in look while you’re away can save you from worry while you’re out of town. It can potentially save you thousands of dollars damage that could happen to an unwatched home also!

Midas Touch Industries are prepared to step in at any time to maintain your home and yard while you are away.

Our services include:

about our cleaning services Inspecting your home, inside and out, on a set schedule
about our cleaning services Plant and Lawn Care
about our cleaning services Vehicle Start Up
about our cleaning services Mail Collection
about our cleaning services Swimming Pool and Pond Maintenance
about our cleaning services Checking on your home on an as-needed basis and / or in case of emergency
about our cleaning services Alerting you of any issues, as soon as they arise
about our cleaning services Coordinating all necessary repairs or maintenance
about our cleaning services Coordinating housecleaning services

We will also remove any unwanted flyers, or newspapers, which can show that a home is vacant for an extended period of time. Your home will be securely locked upon completion of our inspection, and you will be notified of any concerns that might need to be discussed, or addressed.